The Last Line of Defense

Offsite backups of Virtual Machines (VMs) and their data are a large part of any complete BC/DR plan as they are the last line of defense in protecting your business in the event of a disaster. Having a 3rd copy of data kept offsite, no matter what happens with the primary site, local server backups, data replication, the business always has the ability to recover.
Most common methods of maintaining offsite backups is to use legacy tape or disk based solutions with tapes taken offsite on a rotating basis. Legacy solutions, while they can work are often time consuming and resource intensive.  Reliance on complex backup software to manage tapes , libraries, and costly agents requiring special skill sets for IT professionals. Recovery is difficult if software versions and tape technology is not kept current. Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) can be lengthy if backups needs to be delivered or shipped to the site.

VM Replication solves the challenge of managing legacy solutions for offsite backups.

Offsite backups are taken from the replicated VM data at the recovery site. Backups an be stored on disk, a network share, a dedicated disk backup device or in the cloud such as Amazon Web Service. The backup VM’s can be compressed, are portable, and restorable to any VMware Hyper-V environment. Since the VMs are taken from replicated data, not production, no backup windows are required. This ensures that no snapshots or backups are run against production VMs which can effect performance.

In comparison to continue to manage a legacy based tape, the VM backup feature leverages existing replicated data giving the user a simple integrated solution which easily meets data retention requirements.