Intelligent Power Distribution (PDU's)


Our Power Distribution Units span hundreds of models and are adaptable to any environment. PDU support ranging from 120V to 400V, multiple phases, and diverse rack application keeps your stress free knowing we can find a solution that meets your needs. All the bells & whistles are included whether you want to meter at the outlet, inlet, or circuit breaker, monitor your environment, view your power data online, or even add sensors and monitoring to your legacy hardware. 


Web Based Monitoring & Management

From looking at total power consumption for cost effectiveness to seeing an individual power supply our monitoring will allow you to view all your data in real time. View graphs, run reports, and stay in the know with Web Based Monitoring and Management.

Secure & Encrypted

Giving your equipment 100% uptime is our number one goal and one aspect of that is security. Rest easy knowing that directory services support advanced authorization option with 256-bit AES encryption and strong passwords. Some of the advanced authorization options include LDAP/S, RADIUS and Active Directory®.

DCIM Software

Monitor not only your power but imagine any sensor, device, alarm, or camera all combined into one powerful tool. This DCIM software allows advanced protocols and monitoring so that you can prevent hardware failure, optimize efficiency, and keep your entire team up to date in real time every aspect of your environment. Use the dashboard to view your entire system at a glance or run specialize reports and graphs to understand the overall health, loads, tends, and capacities of your infrastructure.

Advanced Metering

Whether it's at the inlet, outlet, PDU level, or even the UPS, our PDU's and metering devices give you real-time and archived data to see power trends and maximize efficiency. You can view this data from anywhere, control from anywhere, and mitigate risks, from anywhere. It doesn't matter what PDU you have, we can offer you solutions that are adaptable to your current setup. The best part is they have billing grade within 1% allowing you to use your resources efficiently.


Environmental Optimization

Quick and easy to setup, these sensors are a fast return on investment as monitoring allows your business to avoid downtime, understand your environment, and see this data first-hand. There are so many variables to the problems we face in this industry and without the correct monitoring, we're shooting in the dark. Shine a light on your environment and see the humidity, temperature, live video, or even combine multiple sensors to create complicated diagrams, made easy.

Advanced Alerts

Since every aspect of your monitoring is customizable, set your thresholds and gets advanced alerts when your threshold is met. Stay ahead of the game with advanced alerts and yet again, save time and save money. Receive these alerts via SNMP, email, syslog, or all three. Know that your team will always be kept up to date through advanced alerts.